Microwave Radio Packing info LPN Radios

Microwave Radio Packing information for Sagittar LPN Digital Microwave Radios

Are you looking for packing information so that you can order and ship Sagittar LPN (PDH Digital Microwave Radios)?  If so, please refer to the following document.

Microwave Radio Packing Information Document

The document below provides useful information such as:

  • Photographs of radio system products
  • Weights (kg) and packing box dimensions for Radios and different sized antennas from 0.3m to 2.4m.
  • The documentation summarises how many links or antennas are included per box (or packing carton).  As background: the microwave radio links are packed in cardboard cartons (one radio link per carton).   Microwave links are normally shipped using air-freight.  High Performance Antennas (which include a Radome) are normally packed in a wooden box.  Given the size of the antennas boxes, microwave radio antennas are normally shipped using sea freight (hence longer-term planning is essential for radio networks that use Microwave Radios).

Advice is also given regarding:

  • Terminology used to describe microwave radio systems
  • Guaranteed Data Throughput Speeds
  • Licensing of frequency spectrum
  • Type and maximum length of IF cable that is used between an Indoor Unit (IDU) and Outdoor Unit (ODU).  The IF cable is used to convey DC power and the data that traverses the microwave radio link.
  • There are some photographs showing 1+1 HS (Hot-Standby) and 1+0 radio configurations

If you are looking for brochures on Microwave Radios, please refer to this link.

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