IP Radios – 5GHz LD Series

IP Radios 5GHz LD Series

Are you looking for brochure information on Sagittar’s LD  (Long Distance) IP Radios?

Sagittar LD5 (Long Distance IP Radios)

Please refer to the following document for Sagittar LD (Long Distance) IP Radios (PtP and PtMP – for distances 40km+).

Please follow this link to download the PDF Brochure for the LD IP Radio.

The Sagittar SGT-LD-5 radios are optimized for long distance IP data transfer.  The LD Radios use TDMA and CDMA technology for the radio interface.

The LD radio’s design allows quick installation.

Achieve 40+km using the radio’s integrated antenna.

The easy-to-configure interface helps users to quickly setup and commissioning links. Product Management is via Web, SNMP and CLI.

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