SDH-Packet Radio – Sagittar Digital Microwave Radios

Sagittar SDH-Packet Digital Microwave Radios

The SGT-LCS SDH radio series microwave radios have capacity up to 1Gbps (with XPIC, IEEE1588v2 and SyncE).

Sagittar’s SGT-LCS wireless backhaul product line, includes both TDM and Ethernet high-capacity products.

All SGT-LCS radio products have advanced microwave radio.   The SGT-LCS radios have a comprehensive built-in management system.  The SGT-LCS provide a complete solution for mobile backhaul, private networks and last-mile extensions.


SDH Radio - Sagittar LCS and LCP
Sagittar LCS topologies

LCS SDH-Packet Radio – up to 1Gbps

Please refer to the following document for technical specifications on the Sagittar LCS SDH-Packet Digital Microwave Radios.  Service interfaces include 7xGbE (native Ethernet), up to 32E1/T1 or 2xSTM-1 ports.

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Please follow this link to see Typical throughput and latency for LCS microwave radios.

LCS SDH-Packet Radio Features

  • Up to 1Gbps Ethernet and up to 32 x E1/T1s in one single unit
  • Covering full frequency band 6-38GHz, all ETSI & FCC channels for 7-56MHz
  • Ideal for building hybrid networks
  • Support XPIC, double-capacity over same bandwidth using CCDP technology
  • Integrated synchronization solutions (Sync ETH, IEEE 1588v2, Native)
  • ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) and ATPC (Automatic Transmit Power Control) for high-availability and high-density deployment
  • Up to 4K active VLAN entries allows building many port-to-port network paths for specific customer services
  • Advanced Multilayer compression techniques for additional capacity
  • Jumbo frame size supports 9600 bytes, which allows using longer header info (VLAN) and transmitting more useful content and fewer headers, thus further increasing total throughput
  • Advanced Ethernet features like Spanning Tree allow building secure and self-healing networks

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