Summary of Microwave Radio Link Model Types

Summary of Sagittar Microwave Radio Link Model Types

The summary table below helps customers identify the most suitable Sagittar Microwave Radio Link product.  Models include  LCS, AO or LPN.

Common requests include High Gain and High System performance SGT-LCS, SGT-AO and SGT-LPN Radio Links.  Sagittar has other radio models that are not included in this publication.

The table below lists frequency bands, service interfaces (e.g. GbE, FE, STM-1, E1 etc.) and link capacity (throughput speed).

The table below also summarises if the hardware topology is ‘Split-mount Indoor/Outdoor’ or ‘All Outdoor’.

Summary Table: Sagittar Microwave Radio Solutions

Microwave Radios    
TopologyLink CapacitiesService InterfacesFrequencies
SGT-LCSSplit-mount Systemup to 1GbpsSTM-1’s, n x E1, GbE6~38GHz
SGT-AOAll Outdoorup to 350MbpsGbE6~38GHz
SGT-LPN Licensed Band PDHSplit-mount System2E1 up to 32E1/68Mbpsn x E1, FE7, 8, 13, 15 GHz
SGT-LPN 58V PDHSplit-mount System2E1 up to 32E1/68Mbpsn x E1, FE5.8 GHz
Model NumberTopologySizesFrequencies
SGT-SGUHigh Performance Antennas0.3m to 3.7mAll frequency bands


Sagittar LCS
Sagittar LCS Series Radios


Sagittar also has a 5GHz 300Mbps SGT-LTN microwave radio link solution.  Please enquire with [email protected] if you need more detailed information about this product.

The SGT-LCS microwave radio links have CCDP with XPIC, which allows channel reuse and double capacity.  The SGT-LCS includes IEEE1588v2 and SyncE features.

Sagittar’s Radio Topologies include: 1+0, 2+0, 1+1HSB, 1+1SD, 1+1FD, N+1, Ethernet Ring and Nodal.

ETSI Bandwidths include 3.5/7/14/28/56MHz.  FCC Bandwidth options are also available for the Sagittar LCS Series.

All radio link models have Automatic and Manual Transmit Power Control features.

Please contact [email protected] if you have a requirement for Sagittar All-Indoor Systems.

Sagittar Microwave Radio Links – Africa, Middle East and SE Asia

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Sagittar Microwave Radio Link Solutions

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