Support Questionnaire

Please fill in the support questionnaire below.  This will help Sagittar to assist you with:

  • choosing a microwave radio product
  • choosing a microwave antenna product
  • designing a microwave radio link
  • designing a microwave radio network
  • choosing a suitable network monitoring and configuration solution for your microwave radio network

The questionnaire also includes helpful information for you e.g. if you choose a specific ITU-R frequency band you are working in, you will see the list of all possible transmit/ receive go/return channel options for that band.

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Microwave Radio Requirement Form
To help us to assist you, please can you fill in the following short questionnaire
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Your feedback to Sagittar will help us understand your detailed technical requirements.

For other questions and support, you are welcome to contact Sagittar via Email or Twitter:

Email us at [email protected]

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