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Microwave Radio Store – Sagittar Products and Solutions

Sagittar Microwave Radio Store

The Sagittar Digital Microwave Radio Store is listed on the first page of this website to allow the reader to quickly access detailed product information.

Please select other pages on this website for more information on microwave and IP radio topics.

The Sagittar Microwave Radio Store lists more technical details about Microwave Radios:

  • Sagittar’s Digital Microwave Radio products cover 1GHz to 38GHz.  Series include models LCS, AO, LPN, LTN
  • Sagittar’s Antenna Products – includes Ultra High Performance SGU (UP) antennas (1GHz to 38GHz)
  • Sagittar’s IP Radios (2.4GHz and 5GHz).  Series include models LD, MN

Specific product ordering options are listed in the Store.

You can also refer to the previous post for more background on products.
You can download Microwave Radio product brochures here.

Sagittar Microwave Radio Links – Africa, Middle East and SE Asia

Sagittar Microwave Radio

Sagittar Microwave Radio Link Solutions

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